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The taurus man will thoroughly enjoy the passion his leo woman exudes and the leo woman is happy to please her man.


To know more about marriage compatibility, relationship, love life and career related queries, one can get advice from professional astrologers. Nearly petalled crown or sun chakra signify different stages of our development, from past to present to future. Wife number two will be moody, difficult, sarcastic and highly independent. You could meet that special man or woman or just get closer to your friends and family or perhaps even your true self.

Astrologer ken ward on the planets. I have seen lots of your video.

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Sir, you have told if sukran in 6th house, and lagna god in 8th house and 7th place of god in neecham and bhava graha occupied in 7th place sevvai, ketu , this person never get married. Right sir? These all possibilities are available at my jathagam.

I was born in April 27, at Dhanu lagna and kanni raasi. Now, guru maha dasha is going on.

Can I get or married or not, sir? After 10 years, sani bhagavan dasha is coming on. Its occupied on 2nd house from lagna magara rasi , plz also tell me about it sir. I would like to know about my future life. Ungala paratta pesa varathu sir athanala palan sollama vittudathinga. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Sir iam kadaga rasi magara laknam poosa natchat ram.

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Nenga pesurathu bore adikala nala eruku tharalama pesunga anna! Ayya kocharappadi midhunathirku 7 il sani ninral marriage thadai paduma? Dear sir, Really good video.

I need help. I have two female children's. Is any possibility for male child? Keep track of your video viewing history. Save or download videos to watch later.

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