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This could be the final straw. Is Trudeau reasonably good though, other than this?

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Sometimes people only see the bad. Unfortunate about the black face. I understand that it can be offensive but maybe his mindset was only on trying different races out. Just like Me Too, anything can be pushed too far. After that, all bets off and impeachment possible.

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Corruption and deep-seated bigotry would destroy the US if left unchecked, but thank goddess for Pluto Returns and young people. The 5th house symbolizes creativity and that includes birthing babies. It was organized by young people all over the world.


People born when the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle began in May, , are 19 years old now and Jupiter-Saturn were in earth sign Taurus when they came together. As transiting Pluto heads toward its rendezvous with the US natal Pluto, the first time ever, trans. Read More. And it's good news for those born a Taurus because there are a whopping nine stand-out business men and women on the list with the same horoscope.

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She put this longest running comedy show on the T. What other country would accept such an abuse of voter faith, under the premise of Father knows best? This is a year of action. Uranus is in the US 5th house of kids and trans. Neptune is in the US natal 3rd house of teaching kids. Young people born in — especially in May and June, have a natal square between Jupiter and Saturn societies symbols in Taurus and Uranus in Aquarius that the US progressed Mercury conjuncts and they are driving home just how the corruption of fossil fuel businesses and the gun business are so prevalent and powerful in the USA.

These two things alone are the biggest killers of people and the planet. These 19 year olds also have Neptune compassion in Aquarius groups that conjuncts the US natal South Node what is no longer developing growth and the US natal Pholus a small cause, like a demonstration, turns into a big effect, like a worldwide movement. It is destructive yes, but we must rebuild almost everything that Saturn represents because of the corruption. We need to be shocked to the bone in order to do that.

We will survive. Sharon, counting on Mueller too much, the Kavanaugh-Ford thing, the McConnell control, are steps to our awakening and healing.

If not for the US Pluto Return and young people, our country would die from corruption and bigotry. Watching the young people today in the world wide Climate Change Strike they created reminds me that trans. Uranus is in the US natal 5th house of creativity. The present Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle started 19 years ago, and 19 year old people have a natal square between Jupiter-Saturn in earth sign Taurus and Uranus in Aquarius where US progressed Mercury is.

Among the co-sponsors was the majority leader, Mr. Most posts are going to spam and I have to move them. I am working on getting things fixed, so please be patient. In myth he was the gardener in Hades and ratted on Persephone for eating the forbidden fruit, making her ineligible to leave and go back to earth life with her mother Ceres. Clever Ceres!

Pluto goes direct at 20 degrees Capricorn on October 2. And another. Justin Trudeau has a solar eclipse coming on his next birthday, which happens to be Christmas Day. This should be a turning point for him.


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What McConnell agreed to is money that can be spent on anything election-related and not the more substantive bills that focus on election security. If my speculative time for Pelosi is right she has very bad days on the same days in November just before Thanksgiving when I think tRump may get a deal.

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  • Between now and January is too short a period of time to impeach him so I am thinking an agreement to resign is struck. The sticky part is that I do not think Congress will be in session but that is up to leadership, not law or custom. Even if Congress is not in session I guess the Resident could contact Pelosi with a proposal and tell her he will make it public if she does not accept.

    Uncharted waters. If it happens it may not be made public right away. Bob, what kind of deal do you think? I wonder if Pence pardons him as he leaves which covers the Feds and on the state cases. Pence would have to get something as his political future would be toast. Beyond that, without some known particulars, all is speculation. It would be best if Trump were to lose big in the election and the more controversy, the better the chance that he will lose. They have been waiting and hoping.

    Costa Concordia

    If Trump is set aside, Pence rises. He is going to be a strong candidate and no Repub will oppose him. He has a known relationship with the military. He is Christian and plays very well to his base. He has been low key and squeaky clean and low key throughout his term as VP in his behavior. He is media savvy and a smooth talker. He knows how to keep his mouth shut. He looks like Mr. Et voila, now you have a real contest for the presidency!

    Dems beware. Then we have Pence as President. If Trump stays on, Pence will be in charge, not Pelosi, at least that is my understanding of the chain of command correct? The Repubs would like that because it gives them almost a year to get ready for the election under Pence. Is there no relief? BarbK, you are most welcome to find a silver lining in this — we need one!

    Checking my charts for Pence in November and next January I do not think he will be around any longer than it takes to get rid of tRump. He may be the resident for 1 day in January Make America great again was done by Democratic leadership then and again after the fiasco. Under a Parliamentary system, they could be completely ousted from power and weakened to the point that they would never again be able to win another election. The party could then collapse and be eliminated from existence entirely.

    Under the two-party U. Presidential system, however, even a massive defeat just means a chance to come back in due time with a different label on the same old garbage. Another conservative party can emerge in its place, but the particular energy signature the U. Republican Party embodies needs to be wiped clean off the face of the Earth. I think the bigger question for us all is what comes next after this episode.

    Pluto Return is about exposing the seemingly bottomless depths of corruption within our halls of power, and the grave flaws inherent within our current two-party political system and within the parties themselves. It took the improbable election of DJT to blow the doors open so that we could see the utter incompetence of our elected officials and the lack of will within either the Republican or Democratic parties to thwart an obvious con artist and all of the trouble he has caused, failing to recognize who and what he was and that he was out to game the system for his own ends from day one.

    Even if Biden wins, our system has been damaged and weakened beyond simple repair. The solutions to these problems will never come from within the system itself, but rather from the grassroots, e. If we are waiting for someone else to fix our problems for us, America may well continue on in some form or another, but the much vaunted democratic Constitutional government of the United States as we have known it, is finished.

    Bob, I pray that you are correct.

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    What you are saying is totally in line with what Linda G and Kim C of Intuitiview have been saying, especially the latter. Beowulfie, from your present perspective it is a frightening situation. I can scarcely muster the strength to come out from under the bed covers and face the day. When my Jupiter-Sagittarius side kicks in other options present themselves. What has become the norm, i. The circumstances of US voters have been changing.